How we picked the winners

We run regional Top Workplaces programs with 30 major publishers across the United States. In addition companies apply directly to the national Top Workplaces program. For 2012, we evaluated approximately 5,000 organizations in total, which included 872 companies with more than 1,000 employees nationwide.

Top Workplaces evaluation is based purely on the results of an employee survey. Essentially, we rank the companies based on the ratings that employees give them. We think employees are the best judging panel.

For the National Top Workplaces list we aggregated all the employee survey data for the 872 companies with over 1,000 US employees and looked at them on a national basis. This involved 2 steps:

  • Checking we had a representative sample of each company's US workforce including at least 350 survey responders
  • Ranked the companies based on their average employee survey score. The score is based on all 22 statements on the employee survey.

After reviewing the list of companies, we decided to publish a list of the Top 150 companies as we had so many good companies that were eligible.