About Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP

Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis is a “boutique” law firm, meaning we focus on solving fairly specialized legal problems extremely well. We have excellent trial litigators who handle government investigations and criminal defense matters, as well as complex civil litigation. We also have a Supreme Court and appellate litigation group that handles both civil and criminal appeals. However, the firm started out as a telecommunications and technology firm, and that is still our largest area of practice. We handle just about any kind of matter before the FCC, representing companies both large and small that are involved in all kinds of technologies, from satellites to wireless phones to undersea cables to the Internet.

What employees say

“I am surrounded by smart, interesting, and genuinely caring people.”
“We have a great culture, lots of camaraderie, and smart, caring firm leadership. We take our work very seriously, but everyone has a great sense of humor.”
“The people I work with, the compensation, and the ability to balance a fulfilling work life and quality time with family.”
“The overwhelming trust the firm has in each and every one of our employees. We are all given the freedom to handle our respective duties in the best way we see fit, which is extremely refreshing.”
“I am aware of no better law firm anywhere. ”
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