About Burness Communications

Burness Communications is a mission-driven communications company, providing public relations support to nonprofits worldwide. Our work begins with helping our clients create and communicate their messages in the most clear, compelling language possible that will be well received by policymakers and the media. Burness focuses on advancing social change, empowering people with information that can be used to improve the human condition. We recognize that caring for others starts with modeling our own caring environment - one where all employees are valued and respected for their particular talents and contributions, welcomed into the process of company decisions, and above all, supported in their personal and professional dreams.

In addition to supporting social change through the organizations with which it works, Burness consistently contributes to local, national, and global nonprofits through charitable giving. Burness recognizes that being charitable starts with how it treats its own employees.

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What employees say

“I am inspired and enjoy working with my colleagues and clients.”
“I feel challenged by my personal work content, and also believe that the overall work Burness does positively impacts our world.”
“It's a great place to work!”
“It's unlike most work places. Very accommodating, professional, caring, organic, and genuinely nice and caring culture. ”
“The work is meaningful, the staff is passionate and people who work here really want to make a difference. ”
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