About Adcorp Media Group

Adcorp Media Group is a privately held, multi-million dollar media company based in Westchester County, New York. Over the years, our team has built one of the most successful and customer driven organizations of its kind in the United States. Our growth from a start up business to where we are today offers testimony to our commitment to excellence. We offer prominent signage across diverse formats in most of the major supermarkets in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Florida and across the nation through strategic partnerships with other industry leaders.

Our advertising and media services are targeted at helping and supporting local businesses grow to become successful in their community. We offer graphic design, business/marketing development, digital production and web design and development. We have found that our business has succeeded based on teamwork both with our customers and amongst our own employees. We are a company whose philosophy is to support employee growth. We maintain an exciting, rewarding and supportive environment and both our customers and employees benefit from this type of dynamic.

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What employees say

“I have the best boss and couldn't imagine working for anyone else. Life does not get better than this.”
“I make a difference. ”
“I make great money and have the freedom to do so. ”
“My job allows me to be creative.”
“The people. ”
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