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Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School

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St. Petersburg, FL


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About Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School

LCC Day School is a partnership of school, church, and families, inspiring superior academic performance while instilling leadership, responsibility, and values in a nurturing environment. Our mission is to meet the changing needs of our students as they develop their God-given potential from early childhood through adolescence.

What employees say

“I am surrounded by people who are hard-working and put their hearts into their jobs. You can see how much the teachers love their students.”
“The people I work with really care and are understanding.”
“The feeling that is fostered that LCCDS is a special school "family". There's a strong sense of loyalty.”
“She is visible. You can see her around campus doing things that you would not expect the Head of the School to be doing (e.g. working with a student on their talent show routine). Amazing woman!”
“We talk and decide what is the best thing for everyone in a given situation. Our opinion counts. ”
Where to find Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School