About EmCare, Inc

EmCare® is the leader in integrated health care services providing comprehensive physician staffing and management for emergency departments, hospital medicine programs, anesthesiology, radiology and acute care surgery. The organization was founded by physicians and continues to be led by physicians. We are proud to be introducing innovations that are achieving improvements in quality of care, efficiency and satisfaction, and which are able to deliver enhanced value and performance. EmCare offers its clients solutions that include recruitment, staffing, management, metric improvement programs and billing/collection services.

Hospitals and health systems that outsource to EmCare often realize industry-leading quality of care, metric improvement and patient, staff and physician satisfaction. EmCare is focused on the future and helping hospitals achieve, sustain and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational and financial outcomes. The company's leadership is hard at work developing innovative ways to support hospitals in their efforts to best address the rapid changes occurring in the industry due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ushering in a pay-for-performance era. EmCare's 40-year history of delivering high-quality patient care, improving efficiency and other metrics, effectively managing costs and improving the patient experience has made EmCare the industry leader in physician practice management services. Today, EmCare has over 750 practices serving hospitals, hospital systems and other health care organizations from coast to coast.

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What employees say

“I love the people I work with. Managers are very understanding that we have a life outside of our work. ”
“This position affords me autonomy and utilizes my strengths.”
“Provides vision and leadership, and encourages employees to be innovative, further their education, and to pursue excellence in all that they do.”
“My employees and myself are given the opportunity for educational opportunities within our field.”
“My superiors seem genuinely interested in me, not only as an employee, but, as a person as well.”
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