About DITEK Corp

DITEK Surge Protection is your first line of defense for Video Surveillance, Fire, Networking, Communications, Intrusion Detection, Access Control and AC Power systems. We have led the industry in the design and manufacturing of surge protection solutions for over 25 years, incorporating the latest technologies for maximum performance and protection.

What employees say

“The owners and management believe in me and my abilities, and know that I am a trustworthy and a loyal employee.”
“I work with an awesome group of people! I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished.”
“Our team is results-oriented, and everyone cares about each other.”
“The people, the environment provided as well as the culture. I have great respect for the ownership/leadership of the company as well as the financial strength and direction of the organization.”
“I love the people I work beside. They are my family. I'm learning all the time, from the best people. I'm allowed to grow and show my potential. I just love the job I do.”
Where to find DITEK Corp