About The Blood and Tissue Center Of Central Texas

The Blood and Tissue Center today is the exclusive provider and guardian of the community blood supply for more than 37 medical facilities in a ten-county service area of Central Texas. In 2008, Central Texans used 58,211 whole blood donations. These donations are tested extensively to assure suitability for transfusion and processed into life saving components: red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, which go to help up to 165,000 patients. The Center works with the Marrow Donor Program of Central and South Texas to increase the number of Central Texans on the National Marrow Donor Registry.

The Tissue Services division was established in 1985 due to the increasing demand for allograft tissue. Today, The Tissue Center surgically recovers tissue from approximately 300 donors each year and assists with donor family services.

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What employees say

“I feel that we perform a valuable service to the community.”
“I love making a difference and providing the very best products for patients in the community.”
“The people I work with are great, the job itself is rewarding, and management seems to really care about the concerns of the employees.”
“My manager always explains his view on the topic, never talks down to staff and never makes you feel stupid for asking a question.”
“They listen to my concerns, help as much as possible and offer solutions within their and my power. ”
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