About Multimedia Games Inc

Multimedia Games' creativity and technology have pushed the gaming industry's envelope, with their casino management, back-office systems development, new gaming systems, and player tracking systems helping position them as a leader in the world of interactive gaming systems. Multimedia Games continues to evolve into a leading game content and systems provider, delivering games players keep coming back to and the tools that make them easy to run and manage. Their technical innovations are driven by twin goals: Deliver the best possible gaming experience Maximize profits for owners and operators They make it their business to understand their customers ? and their customers ? and challenge their developers to continue shaking things up in gaming systems, content design, and development.

What employees say

“Everybody works together and helps each other. Cooperation is encouraged and fostered.”
“Great people making great products.”
“I get paid to do what I love to do with peers who are intelligent and have great work ethics.”
“I work for a great boss, the job is interesting, I continue to learn, the company really tries to take care of the employees and make it a fun place to work, and I work with great people.”
“The people are great and the work I do is valued.”
Where to find Multimedia Games Inc