About Idea Incubator LLC

We are a pre-early stage angel investor fund that lends cash and support in marketing, technology, design & finance. We are also considered a premier internet publishing company in the areas of Internet Marketing, Finance, and Political industries. We help start-up companies with remarkable ideas and executable plans. We are ALWAYS willing to listen to new ideas, even crazy ideas. In the coming months Idea will also be moving more toward the e-commerce arena. We look forward to expanding out foot print online as we explore new possibilities with our products!

What employees say

“Everyone works as a team and is always helping each other out. It provides a flexible schedule for my personal life as well. Idea Incubator is a job I always love coming to every day.”
“I enjoy working directly with people I like. The management staff is awesome.”
“I have autonomy to make decisions and feel good about the work I do. We're fast paced and get a lot done, and that makes me proud.”
“Atmosphere, motivation, connection to something meaningful and successful.”
“I have the opportunity here to learn and grow. Pursue growth and learning is one of the company's core values.”
Where to find Idea Incubator LLC