About Transcat, Inc.

Transcat Inc. lives and works by its mantra, Better by Every Measure. We have been a global leader in test and measurement equipment and calibration services for the pharmaceutical, defense, manufacturing, nuclear, wind and other power generating and other similarly regulated and high-tech industries for more than 40 years. Transcat is the benchmark standard for quality products and calibration services and the preferred industry supplier of test, measurement and calibration equipment. For the second consecutive year, Transcat has been named to Fortune Small Business? list of America's 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies providing a wide variety of test and measurement products, coupled with accredited calibration.

What employees say

“I enjoy complete flexibility to make judgments and decisions, formulate strategies wit respect to my assignments, and schedule / execute performance.”
“I enjoy what I do, I get along with almost everyone, and I have fun. I look forward to going to work in the morning.”
“They are very approachable and you feel you can ask questions or raise concerns.”
“Everyone works together as a team.”
Where to find Transcat, Inc.