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AgilQuest Corporation

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Information Technology
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Richmond, VA

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’15, ’16

About AgilQuest Corporation

AgilQuest makes your workplace as agile as your workforce with technology and expertise to better support the needs of mobile workers and identify unused office space. Founded in 1994, AgilQuest develops technology and delivers workplace strategy which improves workplace flexibility, reduces real estate costs, lowers energy consumption, and strengthens organizational resiliency. AgilQuest is unique in providing both workplace services expertise and patented technology to advise, measure and manage traditional and flexible office space while training workers and managers how to thrive and achieve in the new workplace environment.

Business and government rely on AgilQuest to measure the actual use of office space consistently, continuously, and systematically over time and then manage permanently assigned office space, shared workspaces (hoteling), and conference rooms to improve profitability, sustainability and agility. AgilQuest is a customer-driven firm with customization, configuration and support uniquely suited for enterprise, global, and government organizations.

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What employees say

“It's a place where I love to work. We have a team that shares a common set of core values. We build products and services to help our customers love what they do!”
“They understand the importance of work/life balance and I feel passionately about our mission.”
“I find most motivational is how you have a voice here. Your opinion and feelings towards something matters. That motivates me to want to provide more ideas to make everyone's job easier.”
“They are sincere in building a lasting and profitable organization.”
“What I find the most meaningful about working for AgilQuest is the positive energy that everyone displays. The people make working here great.”
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