About West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

West's innovative system, device and component solutions help improve the safety and administration of injectable drugs. West's products help keep drugs safe, stable and pure from the moment they are packaged until they are delivered to the patient. With a customer base that includes the world's leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, West's packaging components and delivery systems connect life-enhancing and life-saving drugs with the patients who depend on them. West's employees provide their customers with a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience and a thorough understanding of global and regional regulatory requirements.

What employees say

“I can make a difference.”
“It's challenging, creative and people-oriented.”
“Knowing that we have a great CEO and management team leading our company, and that they truly care about the people working at West. ”
“Our reputation for the products we currently sell gives us credibility in areas where we do not have a significant presence.”
“The company does so much for the surrounding area with all the fundraising that we do. It inspires me to do more for my community. ”
“My manager keeps me updated on the all new events and strategy the company has planned, which helps to align our goals and plan our tasks accordingly.”
Where to find West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.