About Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)

AGI develops commercial modeling and analysis software to move the most complex missions through space and time. This technology is used by more than 50,000 engineers, operators and analysts worldwide the world to plan missions, monitor land, sea, air and space objects, and help ensure that our industry more productive and more efficient. AGI products are available as ready-to-use applications, development tools or turnkey solutions, and have been adapted to efficiently implement unique and open solutions to some of the hardest problems faced by our customers.

What employees say

“Everyone cares about the quality of their work and delivering real value.”
“They work hard and set very good examples to the rest of the employees.”
“It gives me freedom to make decisions and have a direct impact on the success of the company.”
“The balance between work and personal life makes it a place that is enjoyable to work. ”
“The work is challenging and the problems we are solving with our technology are important to the aerospace industry. ”
Where to find Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)