About Tell Steel

Tell Steel supplies stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, carbon steel and more. The company has over 16 million lbs. of inventory under roof, and provides a product line that features over 4,000 products. These products include hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, various stainless steel alloys, aluminum alloys, I-beams, channels and other assorted items. Their services include plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, saw cutting and flame cutting to cut the metal to the size and shape the customer specifies. Tell Steel is also capable of doing punching and light forming work.

What employees say

“I like the people I work with. We work as a team and get things done. I enjoy interacting with my customers on the phone or in person. ”
“Tell Steel is an awesome company as well as an awesome career.”
“The atmosphere, work environment, and company ethics.”
“Keeping Tell Steel in business, and letting us in on what to expect in the coming months and the future of Tell Steel. ”
Where to find Tell Steel