About North American Medical Management (NAMM)

North American Medical Management, California, Inc. (NAMM) develops and manages provider networks. NAMM contracts with over 575 Primary Care Physicians and 2,000 Specialists thoughout the Inland Empire and San Diego County.NAMM provides management services such as health plan contracts, eligibility, and credentialing, claims administration, customer service, quality care programs, case management and marketing for provider organizations.

What employees say

“Great talented people who emphasize team approach. The desire to use people's best skills and to find the best place for them to fit in.”
“I appreciate that our opinions are respected and that senior leadership is genuine in their approach to the entire team.”
“I have a flexible work schedule, good pay and benefits, and am part of a great team.”
“They are very down to earth. Even though they are above everybody else in their position, they do not look down at you. ”
“The knowledge that I work for a reputable organization that cares for its employees, and has the mission, vision and values that are important to me. ”
Where to find North American Medical Management (NAMM)