About Harvard-Westlake School

Harvard-Westlake is a college preparatory day school for boys and girls, grades 7-12. The curriculum has a structured program for the lower grades with increased independent responsibility introduced as the student progresses. In the Upper School there is individualized work, a variety of elective courses, interdisciplinary studies and independent research. Available in all grades is a rich program in visual and performing arts, athletics and journalism. All students satisfy community service requirements.

What employees say

“I am supported in what I do and I genuinely like everyone that I work with. My students are incredible people and they make every day an unforgettable experience.”
“I feel I am part of something good and meaningful.”
“I feel that I am using my talents and expertise to help students who really value it.”
“It gives me the chance to engage kids and teach them an important skill in an environment that is positive and family-like.”
“Teachers are treated well and are well-respected. The people who are administrators are thoroughly decent people and highly competent. They offer perks that few institutions offer.”
“The whole package: the workplace environment, the colleagues, the compensation, the flexibility, and, of course, the students.”
“The leaders put themselves in others shoes: teachers, students and parents, and then try to choose a best path.”
“I feel that what I do makes an impact on students' lives and thus impacts the future of our nation and world.”
Where to find Harvard-Westlake School