About Meyer Najem

At Meyer Najem, we understand that a successful construction project takes a collection of people and processes and we have a passion for conducting it all to perfection: from the feasibility study to post-construction, for the single storefront to the multi-site corporation. We focus on a strong foundation, crafting buildings that meet the highest industry standards of sustainability, safety and technology. We approach each project with the utmost care and due diligence from start to finish. And we know that teamwork, proactive management and continuous communication are instrumental in a successful construction project.

We’ve been strengthening communities throughout the Midwest since 1987. And we focus on all aspects of a community - healthcare, senior living, commercial, religious, government and institutional facilities.

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What employees say

“My relationships with fellow employees.”
“The people.”
“The sense of being a part of something special. I truly believe that our culture and our working environment sets us apart from all others in the marketplace.”
“I am allowed to chase strategic initiatives that I am interested in pursuing in an effort to help make the company better.”
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