About Virginia Tile Company, LLC

Virginia Tile Company is one of the largest distributors of Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone and Glass Tile in the United States. This company is in the business of satisfying people; we provide product solutions with a remarkably high level of service delivered in a manner that is effective, passionate and most of all memorable. Virginia Tile continues a tradition of serving North America by encouraging architects and designers, contractors and homeowners to visit one of their 8 showroom selection centers throughout Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Over the past 87 years, Virginia Tile Company has built a comprehensive selection of the finest tile products from around the world to satisfy all aspects of commercial and residential design.This year Virginia Tile acquired ISC Surfaces, a large Tile and Flooring distributor servicing Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Nebraska including additional locations throughout the region. The acquisition expands Virginia Tiles market area across 9 contiguous states and will provide improved service opportunities to the marketplace.

What employees say

“Because it's a very peaceful and friendly environment to work in.”
“It is a great, happy and positive atmosphere. Everyone is helpful and encouraging to each other. The employees genuinely care about doing a good job and making our customers happy.”
“Virginia Tile is driven to continue to grow in a positive way that will benefit the company and staff. I'm kept involved, I feel as I'm part in helping the company move in a positive direction.”
“It challenges me every day.”
Where to find Virginia Tile Company, LLC