About Duffey Petrosky

Duffey Petrosky is an award-winning, Michigan-based, full-service marketing communications agency where the definition of success is finding and implementing the right answer for clients. For the past 13 years, Duffey Petrosky has grown by attracting top-tier talent in every discipline, resulting in an astonishing 20% overall growth in 2009 alone.

What employees say

“I work with people who genuinely love what they do and have chosen DP because they love the culture. These are industry leaders that could work anywhere, but they chose DP we have an amazing culture.”
“You are free to be yourself, the quality of your work speaks for you, and there are no squabbles.”
“I have freedom to perform at my highest levels.”
“My workplace is positive and upbeat.”
“Leadership informs us appropriately and regularly. Lines of communication are really open.”
Where to find Duffey Petrosky