About Chem-Trend L.P.

Chem-Trend is the world’s leading release agent company. Chem-Trend has over 50 years of experience making high-performance release agents, die lubricants, tire paints, purge compounds and ancillary products related to molding, casting and forming operations. The company’s expertise goes well beyond just the products that it develops and manufactures – it reaches into the production processes of the industries that the company serves. Chem-Trend’s seasoned professionals help customers to produce higher-quality parts, more efficiently and at a lower overall cost.

What employees say

“The whole company's attitude of excellence for the customer and the employee. ”
“I feel like I am part of the team.”
“I feel like my work will impact the future of this company.”
“The company culture and success. ”
“The products are strong and create very few complaints. Our customer service is as close to perfect as a company can get and very customer oriented.”
Where to find Chem-Trend L.P.