About Rose Medical Center

Well-known as a Denver institution and a 9th Avenue landmark for nearly 70 years, Rose Medical Center has earned its reputation as “Denver’s Baby Hospital” while becoming a leader in comprehensive women’s health, surgical and endoscopy services, heart and vascular, orthopedics and spine surgery, total joint replacement, bariatrics, and sports, internal and aesthetic medicine. With origins in Jewish teachings, traditions and community, Rose’s founders built this hospital to serve the need of every creed. Rose was the first hospital in Denver to allow Jewish physicians to practice medicine, followed by other minorities and female physicians.

By offering a high level of expertise and service across all disciplines, Rose has truly become a destination hospital, attracting patients from throughout Colorado and around the world.

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What employees say

“Rose has an amazing mission statement which is lived and breathed each and every day. Core values and ethos throughout the hospital are top-notch.”
“Unwavering commitment to quality, safety, excellence and compassion.”
“The dedication of the employees to serve patients with the highest level of quality care.”
“The people I work with.”
“It allows me to use my skills appropriately and the people here are amazing.”
“I work with the most amazing people! We give excellent care and I am able to balance my home and work life working part time.”
Where to find Rose Medical Center