About match action (formerly Action Marketing)

• In layman's terms, we are an experiential agency that creates both live and social media activations for partner brands, aimed at launching new products, creating brand affinity or raising the awareness of key products. In our own words, we create moments of brand play that blur the worlds of online and offline across the globe. At action, we go out of our way to create intriguing and curiosity-inspiring moments that consumers actively want to be a part of and in doing so, have become the definitive voice is experiential play theory. Admittedly, we do this in part because it's a lot of fun, but primarily because we know from experience that consumers at play have longer, deeper and more substantive relationships with the brands they encounter.

Our partner brands range from large-scale automotive brands to small niche products aimed at very specific audiences, including adidas, Ford, the NBA, Pepsi, Progressive, the Lincoln Motor Company, BRP, HI-CHEW, Mazda, the Climate Reality Project and MillerCoors to name a few.

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What employees say

“Every day is different. There is no such thing as routine and we are continuously presented with new challenges and opportunities.”
“I get to be creative and have fun every day. My managers trust me to do my job well, and give me responsibility I would not have at other jobs. I love the people I work with and we do great work. ”
“The creative culture is something I've never experienced at other companies. Employees are allowed to be themselves and work to their full potential. Everyone is always very welcoming and supportive.”
“Their trust in employees and help in navigating on our behalf with clients. Also, they work hard and smart and lead by example. They are truly involved.”
“Our clients continually have positive feedback, and we continue to grow our relationships with current accounts, as well as continue to win new business.”
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