About Vitamix Corporation

Vitamix® develops, produces, and markets the world's best-performing and most reliable blending equipment. Vitamix products are built at the company's world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and distributed in over 80 countries. In every country, Vitamix has developed a passionate customer following, taking premium blending equipment to the heart of the home and to the finest culinary schools and restaurants. Both household and foodservice customers have come to trust Vitamix blending products over all others; household and commercial customer service teams that always take the extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction play a big part in retaining that trust.

Through it all, Vitamix has maintained the original core values on which the company was founded over 90 years ago: Family, Customers, Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork.

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What employees say

“I am passionate about what I have done and currently do at Vita-Mix. I take pride in my work and believe in our core values.”
“I feel like Vitamix is a family, and everyone is friendly and seems very happy to work at such a well established, promising company with great benefits!”
“It has many challenges. Vitamix seems to strive on getting the best technology they can provide for their employees. It's exciting to use it and learn so much.”
“It is rewarding and a pleasure to help customers purchase a Vitamix machine, for whatever reasons they have decided will help improve their lifestyle. ”
Where to find Vitamix Corporation