About The Consult, Inc (TCI)

Established in 1988, The Consult, Inc (TCI) supplies business related services to thousands of providers and health care businesses nationwide. TCI provides outstanding, results oriented customer service to our clients; helping them to manage the entire billing cycle. TCI is committed to maximizing the production and cash flow of our clients through proven industry experience, established billing methods, seasoned personnel, and cutting edge technology. TCI provides medical billing services in a variety of ways: Full Service Billing - TCI's comprehensive service Partnership Billing - sharing responsibilities for excellent results Practice Management Solution - a Software as a Service solution Provider Credentialing In the ECP division, additional value is accomplished: Seamless electronic transactions Electronic Claims Processing Online Eligibility Electronic Remittance Advices Online Claim Status

What employees say

“It is a workplace where the employees come first.”
“It's very flexible, with opportunity to grow in the field.”
“The hours are flexible and the people are great.”
“Good people to work with. Managers who are willing to work with you. Flexible hours.”
“Owners and managers try very hard to make The Consult, Inc a safe and comfortable place to work. I know what is asked of me in my work here and am given the materials I need to do it.”
“The organizational structure is great for individual and team growth. Plus, from the top down, everyone cares about me as well as others at TCI and in the community surrounding our office.”
Where to find The Consult, Inc (TCI)