About Fund Evaluation Group, LLC

Established in 1988, Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG) is an independent, privately owned, investment advisory firm. Services range from traditional investment consulting, in which FEG consultants advise on investment portfolio decisions that our clients then implement, to full portfolio management, in which FEG serves as a Chief Investment Officer, managing portfolios for our clients within parameters they set. Services are provided to a wide range of clients nationally, primarily nonprofit institutions such as universities, healthcare providers, and community foundations.

Our other clients include financial intermediaries, retirement plans, and independently wealthy individuals. As a natural outgrowth of our work with nonprofits and support of our clients’ fulfillment of their own mission, FEG is dedicated towards improving the greater Cincinnati community.

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What employees say

“I enjoy the end product of the work.”
“The culture is amazing at FEG. I have no problem asking questions because no one will belittle you. Everyone is very welcoming and is willing to help no matter the situation. ”
“It is a great company. We have great people that work here, the benefits are very generous compared to the industry standards, and generally I am happy to come to work. ”
“We continue to get better. We are hiring smarter people who are bringing new skills to the company.”
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