About Directions Research, Inc.

Independently recognized as one of the top business decision insight firms in the nation, Directions Research combines a highly experienced staff with a unique mix of innovative and proven approaches to answer pressing business issues. Our clients value how we combine primary and connected data from various inputs to create a holistic picture and disseminate the story in an actionable format to move their business forward. Directions excels in the areas of innovation and optimization, customer and brand experience, strategic business intelligence and visualization across a wide range of industries.

Our goal is to help our clients make the best informed, intuitive and strategic business decisions over and over again as their products and services move through their life cycles. Consumers are constantly changing and so are the informational needs of brand and marketing leaders and C-suite executives. Directions Research serves as the independent voice of the consumers in today’s business world.

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What employees say

“We work hard and play hard. Culture is very important in a workplace and Directions Research has an amazing culture. It is different and exciting every day.”
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