About Cincinnati Eye Institute

For over 50 years, the dedicated eye care specialists at Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) have set the standard for improving the vision of thousands of patients. Their unwavering devotion to patient care has merited the practice a world-class reputation for excellence in the treatment of eye disease. CEI is the largest ophthalmology practice in the United States with over 45 eye doctors, many of whom are recognized among the top sub-specialists in their field, practicing in 18 locations across the tri-state area. Today, CEI is considered one of the world's premier ophthalmic treatment, research and education centers.

What employees say

“Cincinnati Eye Institute is well recognized as the leader in eye care. CEI invests in their employees and fosters advancement.”
“I enjoy the coworkers, team atmosphere, and positive environment at CEI”
“I love what I get to do on a daily basis. Also I like the options given to me with my job. I am very spoiled.”
“They work in a very professional manner and they are very considerate with the employees.”
“The different things CEI does to show their appreciation of their employees, such as lunches, bonuses, etc.”
Where to find Cincinnati Eye Institute