About TransCanada Corporation

TransCanada's mission is to provide reliable supplies of energy across the continent, safely and responsibly. We are proud that millions of people can depend on us for the energy they need each day. Most people don't know who we are. But we're there every day delivering and, in some cases, generating, the energy that's so essential to heat homes, fuel businesses, and keep the lights on. While the name is TransCanada, the company is truly a North American entity with a significant presence in the United States. TransCanada has more than 1,600 full-time employees in 33 states.

TransCanada has 10 wholly or partially owned pipelines in the United States, totalling more than 16,000 miles. The company owns and operates five power generation facilities. Keeping these assets running safely and efficiently is a daily focus, and TransCanada has an outstanding track record. TransCanada designs, constructs and operates its facilities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations to minimize risks to employees, the public and the environment. For more than 60 years, TransCanada's safety programs and operational procedures have protected the public and the environment.

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What employees say

“I am challenged to give my very best and rewarded for doing so!”
“I am paid well. I have very good benefits. I get to have input on how to do my job. I have a great manager and director. ”
“It allows me the freedom to do what is right for the group, the company, and community.”
“I am impressed mostly by their values and ethics in the decisions they make. Our stakeholders and values are at the frontline of all we do.”
“Meeting the needs of our customers and knowing that supports the country.”
“TransCanada has a group of top executives that truly care about their employees.”
“The company is financially stable and successfully operates all lines of business with integrity. The company is a strong, respected leader in the energy industry.”
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