Boston Globe Top Workplaces 2012
The Longfellow Clubs

Employees in region:
Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, & Travel
HQ location:
Wayland, MA
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About The Longfellow Clubs

What employees say

“I am encouraged to think creatively, I get to work with a variety of staff members and age groups, and I am supported in my endeavors.”
“I am making a positive difference in people's lives and I love the people I work with. ”
“I have been able and strongly encouraged to develop my personal skill set. My position here has evolved into a meaningful and fulfilling daily experience.”
“They really care about the members.”
“I feel so good about the ethical way the management does business on a daily basis. We try very hard to give great customer service while maintaining our core values.”
“They really care about their members and the community and they SHOW it!”
Where to find The Longfellow Clubs