About The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

The Broad Institute was founded in 2003 to pursue some of the greatest biomedical challenges of our time. A unique research organization that draws together the world's leading organizations in both academia and industry, the Broad is at the center of the fastest-growing biomedical and biotechnology hub in the world. We are transforming medicine by bringing together the most brilliant scientific and medical minds and the most advanced genomic and biomedical technologies. Together, these enable unprecedented collaborations that propel advances in the understanding and treatment of human disease.

Through collaborative projects that span the Boston area and beyond, our scientists forge connections with researchers at MIT, Harvard, and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals, and with experts in a vast range of areas across biology, chemistry, computation, medicine, and cutting-edge technologies. Here, ideas and data are shared openly, and difficult questions galvanize our community, rallying us to action.

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What employees say

“Everyday is a new challenge and it is exciting! The talks and the various workshops held here help me gain a lot of knowledge and motivate me.”
“Freedom to make my own decisions and ability to disagree without fear.”
“I feel like my contribution makes a difference to the group and the institute. Also, the culture in the Therapeutics Platform is flexible, which gives me a great work/home balance.”
“I feel that my input on decisions is valued, as well as the work in general that I do. ”
“The exciting, innovative and meaningful work that is done there and the collaborative nature of the work. ”
Where to find The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard