About Quantech Services Inc

Quantech Services, Inc. is a dynamic Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) small business specializing in solution-centered management consulting services in the aerospace and information technology environments. Quantech solutions encompass everything our clients' need at local and remote sites through the life cycle of their projects. Offering solutions for project management, integrated logistics, information technology, engineering services, budget formulation/execution, financial accounting, cost estimating & analysis, model development/implementation, cost benefit analysis, earned value management & analysis, schedule management, contract management/reconciliation/closeout, congressional reporting, acquisition support services, activity based costing/management, client relationship management and much more.

What employees say

“I am allowed to work independently.”
“I believe my voice is heard and I add value to the organization.”
“It is a growing company that actually listens to its employees.”
“They always remember those in the field! ”
“Encourages me to further my education through DAU and/or college courses.”
Where to find Quantech Services Inc