About NetProspex

NetProspex is the smarter B2B data partner, helping marketing and sales organizations optimize their revenue impact through a suite of innovative data services. Thousands of B2B organizations rely on NetProspex to acquire targeted prospects, maintain and enhance their marketing data, and fuel high-performing sales prospecting efforts. At the core of NetProspex is an innovative crowd-sourced database, cleansed with proprietary CleneStepTM verification technology. The company?s free Data HealthScan offers insights about database accuracy and relevance, while CleneProspex ensures valid contact information all within a cloud-based platform known as Workbench.

Marketers can enhance data with demographic and firmographic information, including specific technologies used at target accounts. For more information visit www.netprospex.com

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What employees say

“I'm surrounded by smart, capable, friendly people. Exposure to different technologies.”
“It's interesting and challenging.”
“My company is fun to work for.”
“The people here are extremely friendly, helpful, and insightful. The environment is wonderful, the office is comfortable, and my hours/work load is never overbearing.”
“Their intelligence and innovation.”
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