About Black Duck Software

Black Duck Software helps 1,000 companies in 24 countries build better software and products, faster, for less money. Software has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, powering everything from appliances to automobiles, cellphones to the Internet, and more. Black Duck provides solutions to enable the most efficient and effective development of software through the use of open source software (OSS). Founded in 2002, Black Duck has approximately 80 percent market share, a fast-growing customer base including some of the world's largest companies and a 34 percent compound annual growth rate.

Black Duck's value is two-fold: 1. We're a commercial software company developing and delivering end-to-end services and solutions to enable OSS adoption and use by software development teams, 2. And we're also a citizen in, and active supporter of the larger open source community, including the largest free public directory of OSS projects and contributors, Ohloh.net, and the Open Source Delivers blog, a destination for open source influencers to stay on top of all open source trends.

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What employees say

“I am able to do the work that I love and I am able to have the flexibility to live a life style that is very important to me.”
“I am getting the experience I need and wanted from my position. I have an outstanding manager who mentors me and gives feedback on my work regularly.”
“Transparency. Completely approachable on any given day. Friendly, happy to be here.”
“My position has evolved over the past three years and it has been very nice to be able to grow with the company.”
“I always feel appreciated and I also feel I have the support and tools to get my job done.”
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