About BatteryCorp, Inc.

BatteryCorp is an innovative global provider of technology-enabled backup power solutions for telecommunications and data center applications. Its patented OMSĀ® (Optimization Management Solution) technology provides online analytics and program management tools for battery backup power system analytics, site asset tracking, and maintenance program management. BatteryCorp's unique technology increases the reliability of backup power, reduces the risk of downtime, and saves customers money. BatteryCorp services include battery preventative maintenance, customizable site survey and audit, DC power engineering, and program management for a variety of installation and maintenance services.

What employees say

“Battery Corp provides strong leadership with vision, independence and support for others inside and outside the company. They maintain high ethical requirements and place profit second to service.”
“The executive leadership expresses gratitude to the employees and it is "more than just a paycheck."”
“The work is engaging and challenging. I love the people here and I feel like I've finally found my dream job.”
“Battery Corp truly cares about providing a high quality product/service to the customer. I also feel they realize the employees are assets and treat us as such, encouraging our input and ideas.”
“Having leadership that cares about the employees.”
Where to find BatteryCorp, Inc.