About Stanford University

Established in 1891, Stanford University is one of the world's leading academic and research institutions. Stanford's more than 130 research centers, laboratories, institutes and academic facilities, coupled with our founding mission—to exercise “an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization”—generates some of the most exciting research and scholarship on the planet. Through the contributions of Stanford faculty, researchers and students, we seek to change the world by finding solutions for some of the world's most complex problems, educating our students to become leaders of the world they are inheriting, and provide world-class patient care.

What employees say

“Breadth and depth of responsibilities coupled with direct service to students and faculty who are wonderful to support.”
“I am challenged, and I feel like I am making an important contribution.”
“I am well compensated. Working at Stanford offers many "intellectual" benefits such as exposure to lectures, art, music, classes, etc.”
“The combination of a stable work environment and the benefits, especially the tuition grant program.”
“I find the high standards and values the most motivating about working at Stanford. The general feeling of most always working to do their best and giving 110% is motivating. ”
“Stanford is on the cutting edge and supports research, humanities and sciences work fully, both financially and administratively.”
“Has vision, includes views of stakeholders, communicates vision passionately.”
“The most talented and prestigious faculty and staff are also the most humble and kind and genuinely curious about others, even low-level staff.”
Where to find Stanford University