About Simply Hired

With over eight million job listings, Simply Hired (www.SimplyHired.com) is the world's largest job search engine—25 times the size of the biggest job board. Servicing 30 million monthly users across 24 countries, the company powers jobs on over 25,000 network partner sites, including LinkedIn, CNNMoney, The Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek. Simply Hired operates global job search sites in 24 countries and 12 languages on six continents.

What employees say

“The company has real traction in the marketplace and doubled its revenues through the recession. There is a bright future ahead.”
“Strong growth, with obvious upside opportunities from both from internal projects and an evolving market.”
“It's a company that truly helps make a positive difference in people's lives.”
“The company has a meaningful mission to help people find a job they love.”
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