About RedSeal Networks

RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of proactive enterprise security management solutions that enable organizations to continually monitor, assess and fortify their cyber-defenses while automating compliance. The RedSeal platform enables businesses and government agencies to visualize, model and analyze complex network and security control interactions across their entire network of firewalls, routers, load balancers and hosts. With RedSeal, organizations can better understand their security state and regulatory compliance, identify the inherent risk to their operations and critical assets, and drive actions that reduce the risks associated with associated with cybertheft and cyberespionage.

What employees say

“RedSeal is a hot company with great people.”
“Positive attitudes, interesting work.”
“Experience, competence, ability to laugh.”
“An open culture, with a shared focus on getting things accomplished. This allows frictions to surface and get discussed with a common perspective on "how does this affect the customer?"”
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