About Lendmark Financial Services, LLC

Our services come in two main forms. As a direct to consumer event-lender, we provide almost instant relief to cash-flow gaps that we all experience. We move quickly and help repair the car or replace the appliance. This little financial engine gets the consumer back on the road and back to work, minimizes work & income interruptions, and supports the local businesses that performs these services. We also provide financing through local merchants such as furniture stores. This allows consumers to purchase durables and put money directly into the local communities we serve.

What employees say

“I believe in the company and the services it offers consumers.”
“I feel appreciated. I feel we are doing a good job to help consumers who otherwise would not have a place to borrow money.”
“The flexibility in our department. I feel appreciated, my hard work is recognized, and there is always opportunity for growth. ”
“The leaders at Lendmark truly care about the employees. ”
“Management that cares about its people.”
Where to find Lendmark Financial Services, LLC