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The Plain Dealer Top Workplaces 2013

The Plain Dealer has recognized 100 Companies and Organizations in Cleveland as Top Workplaces 2013. These companies have been recognized as Top Workplaces based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees.

Top Workplaces are not only better places to work but are more likely to be successful than peer organizations.

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Location of Top Workplaces

Meet some of our Top Workplaces

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  • “The flexibility to work from home, and the work, are rewarding.”
  • “I love the product, the company and attitude of management.”
  • “Great senior leadership and exciting, interesting work with great client brands.”
  • “I enjoy working with the students, staff, and parents of our district.”
  • “I get to help contribute to our company goal of transforming healthcare and…”
  • “I work for the best company, with the best product, and the best people.”