About The Bonadio Group

The Bonadio Group is comprised of a set of different companies, alliances and strategic partnerships that taken as a whole, delivers over fifty different services. Complementing this structure is the diverse spectrum of law firms, banks, government officials and programs, regulators, insurers, venture capitalists, & MORE that we have built over the years into one of the area’s largest referral networks. In effect, if you have a financial need, issue or problem—whether you’re a commercial company, a not-for-profit, or an individual—yes, we can help through our association, our affiliations, or through any one or combination of the Bonadio family of companies.

What employees say

“Strong desire to grow and succeed.”
“My team is very close knit. My partners are great.”
“There are always new companies, niches, new ideas, marketing efforts, industry dives, and all of these are supported by management when a plan is presented to them.”
“We have a very diverse client base and we have a very strong group of partners. We will be successful.”
Where to find The Bonadio Group