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Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces 2014
Kid's Community College®

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Riverview, FL

Top Workplace
’12, ’13, ’14

About Kid's Community College®

Kid's Community College, also referred to as KCC, is a public charter school and private preschool based in Riverview, Florida. Established in 2003 by Timothy B. Kilpatrick, Sr., Kid's Community College provides educational services and care for children six weeks of age through eighth grade. KCC aims to be the premiere national provider of high-quality nurturing and learning environments that prepare early childhood, elementary, and middle school students to excel developmentally and academically. We dedicate ourselves to the well-being and educational success of every child by taking a leadership role in quality care giving services, higher learning, community enrichment and promoting cultural diversity.

We direct our activities toward student success by offering a strong foundational system of learning taught to the specific learning modality of each student we serve.

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What employees say

“I have the liberty to help each one of my students individually. Also, because I feel appreciated in the work the I do.”
“I love my job because everyone at the school truly cares about each other's well-being.”
“I love working with students and being part of a HUGE success.”
“What excites me is that KCC is very concerned about the children's education and they always put them first, which is very important to me.”
“Leads with commitment, faith and trust.”
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