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FrankCrum Corporate, Inc.

Employees in region:
HQ location:
Clearwater, FL

Top Workplace
’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16

About FrankCrum Corporate, Inc.

FrankCrum serves employers, employees, brokers and job applicants through a family of employer solutions based on integrity, innovation, professionalism and the highest quality customer service. Working with employers across the United States, FrankCrum offers payroll, employee benefits, 401(k), workers' compensation, staffing, insurance, and HR solutions.

What employees say

“Good benefits, great coworkers.”
“I am appreciated and I get to help people.”
“I know that I am making a difference and changing the quality of people's lives. Extremely rewarding!”
“The fantastic team that I work with. ”
“The vision of leadership.”
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