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Clearwater, FL

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’13, ’14, ’15

About FairWarning

FairWarning® invented and is the global leader in "privacy breach detection" solutions for electronic health records (EHRs). Founded in 2005, FairWarning® has grown 100% or more in every subsequent year. The company's privacy breach detection software solutions are compatible with over 185 electronic health record systems and are delivered as a turn-key appliance with over 200 proprietary privacy breach analytics included.

What employees say

“Great fit for my skill set and my input is valued.”
“I contribute to the successful growth of FairWarning.”
“Leadership and management treats team members with respect, communicates well to team members, and encourages communication in all directions throughout the organization.”
“Everyone works together as a team to help each other. ”
“Culture and the people I work with.”
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