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About DITEK Corp

DITEK Corporation is a leading surge protection Manufacturer headquartered in Largo, Florida. DITEK had its beginnings in May, 1988. The Company has enjoyed rapid growth. In its 5th year, DITEK was nominated as Pinellas County's Small Business of the Year. In the sixth year, DITEK won this coveted award. In 2006, DITEK established DMS as a provider for manufacturing services to the electronic industry. DITEK is positioning itself to continue this growth curve for years to come. The techniques of world class manufacturing are not just slogans at DITEK, but a way of doing business.

DITEK is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, IPC Certified and a Veteran owned company. Quality is Company policy, with the guiding principle that quality cannot be inspected into the product - it must be built into it. Each and every employee is responsible for quality. DITEK is proud to add that its products are made in the USA. DITEK is committed to quality, both in the products we make and the services we provide to our customers and staff. We will strive for continuous improvement in everything we do and in every product we make.

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What employees say

“The company is recognized as a generous supporter in the community and I love being part of that. It enables me to provide a good living for my family.”
“The people are great. They are family oriented and are just a great group of people. They make you look forward to coming to work every day.”
“They genuinely care about each employee.”
“How every year we get better. ”
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