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About Spiceworks

Every day IT pros and tech vendors use Spiceworks to do their jobs in a truly social way: IT pros manage their networks while interacting directly with other IT pros and tech vendors to decide what to buy. IT pros trust the people, info and brands they meet in Spiceworks. And find Spiceworks more convenient than having to visit multiple media or vendor websites. Meanwhile, tech vendors connect with IT buyers where and when their tech offerings are most relevant. And get to build the relationships that buzz and new business are made of. Making it no surprise that Spiceworks is the most well-loved vertical IT network among IT pros and marketers alike! With 1 in 3 of the world’s IT pros, over 3,000 IT brands already in Spiceworks, and new tech products being born in Spiceworks each month… where do we go from here? We keep on keepin’ on. Keep on simplifying the workday for IT pros and marketers everywhere. Keep on delivering new ways to help them do their jobs and exchange info on IT products and services… and keep on doing it in a way that keeps the “soul” of IT going strong. Translation? We keep on spicin’ IT up!

What employees say

“Everyone at Spiceworks is smart and works extremely hard at their jobs.”
“I am surrounded by people who challenge me. ”
“I believe in our mission.”
“I feel like I'm a part of something important. I'm able to help shape the future of the company. ”
“I work with great people and the company has great culture.”
Where to find Spiceworks