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Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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Austin, TX

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About Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of digital signal processing semiconductor components for audio and energy markets. Cirrus Logic has more than 700 products serving more than 2,500 end customers globally. Today, Cirrus Logic is focused on its high-precision digital signal processing chips, such as analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, codecs, amplifiers and related products for audio and industrial markets. Cirrus Logic chips can be found in popular every-day consumer electronics applications across the world, as well as professional music equipment and many industrial applications, such as energy measurement and seismic exploration systems that tap into the company's leading analog and mixed-signal IC design skills.

What employees say

“Great leadership with a vision. My boss is an example of the kind of leader I want to be one day.”
“I feel appreciated and that my contributions are recognized throughout the organization. ”
“My work is meaningful and valued. My team is creative and energetic.”
“A great company with a great future.”
“The number of successful products and highly productive people.”
“Cirrus Logic logic values talented individuals with strong ethics. Cirrus backs up innovation.”
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