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About ARA Diagnostic Imaging

We have been providing quality imaging services to the people of Austin and Central Texas since 1954, and we are continually working to improve access in the area to the highest quality services. Toward this end, we operate 17 outpatient imaging centers, located conveniently throughout Austin and Central Texas, and we provide professional radiologist services at 20 area hospitals. Our imaging centers offer everything from mammography to MRI, and we have specialty centers such as the Women's Imaging Center and Children's Imaging Center (pediatric radiology), which cater to the special needs of our patients.

We have also worked hard to improve access to quality imaging services by developing strong relationships with a large number of insurance and managed care providers.

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What employees say

“I get to help people on a daily basis.”
“I love working with patients and helping people in the community get great care.”
“The fact that I'm helping real people with real problems.”
“Their commitment and passion. ”
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