About WSB & Associates, Inc.

Early in their careers, the founders of WSB recognized that outstanding results are born from outstanding cultures. Since 1995, WSB has remained dedicated to creating a culture of relationship building, forward thinking, and collaboration that enables technically-advanced, thoughtful, and creative engineering and design solutions that build a legacy. By inspiring each other to look beyond solutions for today, and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow, WSB has seen steady growth in staffing and professional service areas. The firm’s investment in staff and client education supports the collaborative, knowledge-driven, and inspiring environment that delivers results.

In the last year, we have welcomed nearly 100 new staff members to the firm, each joining to support the evolving needs of our government, commercial, and energy clients. With this growth, WSB is able to support the innovation and technical excellence you would expect from a national firm, while maintaining the trusting and meaningful relationships found with a local firm.

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What employees say

“Everyone benefits when the company does well.”
“I can express my opinions and feel they are truly considered.”
“I don't have limits put on my career growth potential.”
“the opportunity to grow where I want my career to go.”
“The people I get to work with and what I get to accomplish.”
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