About Wingspan Life Resources

Wingspan Life Resources helps our most vulnerable citizens to be fully engaged in their community and to lead full, happy lives. Services include: 1) individualized daily living supports for adults with developmental disabilities in twenty-four homes in the Twin Cities, 2) individualized services and supports to people with developmental disabilities who choose to live in their family home, 3) employment and alternative services for adults with disabilities seeking retirement activity, volunteerism, and/or paid employment, and 4) culturally specific day services for adults within the Hmong community who are vulnerable due to age, disability and/or isolation.

All people served are encouraged to be independent and are given opportunities to participate in their community as they choose. Because no one's life stays the same, services are adapted to each person's changing needs, creating lasting relationships and a lifelong, stable environment.

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What employees say

“I love what I do. I enjoy working with the group of people that I work with. I can do my job with great confidence and ease, knowing that I can always ask for help when needed.”
“It is making a meaningful impact on the lives of others, the staff is wonderful and dedicated, the Board is committed, ideas are welcome, and I feel respected and valued.”
“Caring staff and management, flexibility.”
“Wingspan offers lots of support, ongoing training, and is always looking for ideas to solve issues and problem. The atmosphere is very friendly.”
“Good relationships between staff and management.”
“They are family-oriented and caring.”
“Being there for the residents. I can work part time with pro-rated benefits. Management cares.”
Where to find Wingspan Life Resources